10 Easy Steps To Clean Mattress | Professional & DIY Tips

  • 8 months ago

Mattresses are the best place to relax after a long tiring day. A mattress is expensive; you don't want to ruin it. Here are 10 steps to clean them.

Morning breakfast, lazy bed meals, late-night Netflix and chill, pillow fights with loved ones, mattresses go through a lot. It is a great practice to clean a mattress quite often. Cleaning a mattress has never been so easy. Follow some easy steps to give a bed a good glance. Here are 10 easy and quick steps to clean the mattress.

  • Gather the Mattress cleaning materials.
  • Strip the bed
  • Vacuum the mattress
  • Clean spots from the mattress if any
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the bed
  • Vacuum the mattress again
  • Flip the mattress
  • Protect the mattress
  • Make the bed

Gather the Mattress cleaning materials

Before any cleaning procedure first, collect the requirement for the process. Things that are essential for mattress cleaning are;

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Clean water
  • Stain remover
  • Detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Cleaning cloths

Strip the bed

Remove all the coverings of the mattress.

  • Remove the pillows and any other bed decorations.
  • Strip the clothes that are covering for protection of the mattress.
  • Wash your beddings and linens.

Vacuum the mattress

The fundamental step is to vacuum the mattress. Vacuuming will remove the mites, dust, dirt, hair etc. Use the clean upholstery nozzle with the vacuum.

Clean spots from the mattress if any

Lots of stains could be visible in the mattress, stains from dirt, dust, food, drink. Use a stain remover to remove these spots easily. you can use a market bought stain remover or DIY one in your home with lemon, baking soda and water. Use a spray bottle to sprinkle the solution to the stain. 

Sprinkle baking soda over the mattress

After removing the hard stain, deodorizing the mattress is another task to do. Use your favourite essential oil, mix oil with baking soda and sprinkle equally over the mattress using a sifter. 

Letting mattress sit in the sun, also helps in taking out the bad odour off the mattress.

Vacuum the mattress again

After letting baking soda to sit for a while, you will need to clean the baking soda off the mattress. Use a brush or a long nozzle to cover the vacuum so, you clear the baking soda only, not the acids or oil with the smell.

Flip the mattress

After some time, the mattress starts to wear out. Flip over the mattress or 180 degrees, so that mattress evenly wears out from every side. This way a mattress can long laster, than letting it rot throughout from one side. Flipping the mattress thrice or the fourth time a year is a good practice to keep mattress healthy, clean and wear out evenly.

Protect the mattress

After vacuuming, cleaning, deodorizing, and drying the mattress, the next step is to protect the mattress. Use a fresh and clean mattress protector. It will preserve the mattress from dust, dirt, mite, etc. until next time you take out the mattress for cleaning.

Make the bed

After cleaning, flipping and deodorizing, make sure the mattress is dried well. Take the clean linens and make the bed. Arrange all the pillows, blankets and bed decoration in their place and enjoy a comfortable sleep with a clean mattress.


We mentioned 10 easy and quick steps, however, there are only 9. The 10th step is you can call us to help you. Our experts can help you with a great experience in mattress cleaning.





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