9 Vital Areas in Working Place You Usually May Forget to Clean

9 Vital Areas in Working Place You Usually May Forget to Clean

It’s easy to forget about certain areas in the office while cleaning. Many of us will remember to wipe down the desktops, clean bathrooms, and make sure the floors are mopped and vacuumed. However, some areas that aren’t as visible that get neglected in the cleaning process. These areas create a negative impression for visitors and staff.

Here are the most important areas you should look into in this regard now:

1. Ceiling Tiles

Look up. Customers and visitors should look up. Acoustic tiles placed on the ceiling of your business must be kept dust-free. You should pay special attention to tiles that are near vents. They can become dark stained easily.

2. Ceiling Fan Blades

Fan blades are known for accumulating dirt. If you leave your ceiling fan on for too long, dirt and dust will build upon its blades. Dust that has accumulated on furniture surfaces will make it more difficult to maintain the space and can cause unhealthy indoor air quality.

3. Light Fixtures

Fluorescent light bulbs are like a magnet for bugs to go to death. They are susceptible to dust buildup, which can dull their shine. Because they are not in our direct line of sight, many of us don’t realize how filthy they become.

4. Vents and Ducts

Your heating system was most likely used continuously during cold winter months. You can be sure that there is a lot of dust in your vents and pipes, which could affect employee health. You should also inspect the vents in your ceilings, such as those located in bathrooms or kitchens.

5. Blinds and Curtains

Although your windows are clean regularly, how often do you clean the curtains and blinds? Curtains and blinds can get dulled quickly because they collect dust easily. Although blinds are difficult to clean, it is possible to keep them clean for longer periods. All that dust and dirt will spread throughout your office.

6. Foliage and plants

You might not realize how much dust, cobwebs, and dirt can adhere to your greenery. These little bits of nature can be kept looking fresh by regularly removing dead and dying leaves.

7. Behind Printers & Copy Machines

Particularly if the copy machine is in high demand it will leave behind tiny particles that can build up under and behind the machine. This could lead to a messy and dusty environment. Your copies will look dirty and unprofessional if there are smudges in the glass.

8. Picture frames

If you inspect the glass for your office artwork, you will find fingerprints and grime that needs to be removed. You should also dust the frames’ tops, which can be a magnet for dust and dander.

9. Baseboards

The office will look worn and neglected from dust and scratches on the baseboards. Dust and other debris can build up in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, making the air unhealthy.

It can feel overwhelming to maintain all of these areas. Although employees are known for keeping their personal spaces clean, it is not common for them to be responsible for maintaining the common areas.

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