Affordable Tiles & Grouts Cleaning

Affordable tiles and grouts cleaning in perth

Dirt and grime are usual scenarios in tiled entry or mudroom, while in the kitchen spills are the main focus. However, in the bathroom, the owner must deal with mold and mildew. Luckily, cleaning tile and grout using common household products is possible but may vary with the types of tiles used. Commonly, Ceramic tile and porcelain tile is used, other types of tiles are glass tile, cement tile, marble tile, mosaic tile, granite tile, limestone tile, travertine tile, quarry tile, metal tile, resin tile, and many more. Each tile has a different chemical composition, so the chemical cleaning solution may vary for every tile. Different types of chemical cleaning solutions are available in the market accordingly.

The cleaning solution also depends on how the cleansing is conducted. The solution considers overall cleaning, mold, and mildew, deep cleaning, or polishing. With all commodities in hand, a few steps and your tiles shine like new.

Quick DIY tips for Tiles and Grouts Cleaning.

  • First, here are some of the ingredients you can grab quickly for a household solution.

1. Water+Baking soda+Lemon Juice+Vinegar

2. Water+Washing soda+Vinegar+Dish soap

                   3. Baking soda+Dish soap+Hydrogen peroxide

  • You can get any of the above, mix in the stay bottle for the use.
  • Apply the solution to Tiles and Grouts and let the solution sit for 5-10mins.
  • Use a brush to clean grout lines.
  • First scrub and mop.

Large area to cover; entry tiles or mudroom, kitchen, bathroom, and yard, the personal approach could be tiring. Hiring professionals would be a good call. But contacting an unprofessional cleaner can be a pain in your back. You may have to deal with some of the following problems;

  • Tile damage, cracks, and dents,
  • Extra charge and time,
  • Mold and mildew not wiped properly,
  • Dirt and grime not cleaned wisely,
  • Discolored and Slippery tiles
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