Checklist for Pre-sale cleaning Perth

  • 1 year ago

The house prices have fallen so badly in Perth due to government new home buyer grants, people are motivated to buy a new house rather than prebuilt ones.

The first impression could set up a different scenario. Obviously, old houses don't value as much as the new ones but presenting like a new could surely increase some. Grab a pen and paper, enlist the checklist for Pre-sale cleaning. 

  • So, the first appearance of your house buyers or real-estate agents get is your front door. Start with cleaning your front door entrances, front yard, driveway, porch, garage doors, and every other thing that come to the first glance.
  • Thorough vacuuming and wash off the floors throughout.
  • Look for the marks and stains on the wall and ceilings, wipe clean if any. Denting and painting if required.
  • Thorough dust and tidy throughout the house. Every corner and surfaces, behind and under furniture, railings, ledges, doorknobs.
  • Window cleaning- window frames and glass on both sides.
  • The kitchen needs a significant focus. Grease and grime could make the house look dull. Degreasing of oven, stoves, cleaning cupboards inside out.
  • Bathroom, toilet cleaning inside out, mirrors, and shower screen.
  • Other than that clean every part of the house thoroughly; balconies, patio, backyard, garage, laundry, wardrobe, pantry, terrace.


Learn how Pre-Sale Cleaning can increase your house price?


When you let the potential buyer or real estate agents through your front doors, the first impression of your house is what increases your house price. After Pre-sale cleaning, a house can be maintained as well as it was when you buy it for the first time. If the house is well-conditioned, looks brand new for the price lesser than a new one, it is a win-win situation. The buyer will run to you to seal the deal. 


To know more about Pre-sale cleaning, its advantages, what are the pre-sale cleaning inclusion or any other queries feel free to contact Majestic CleaningPros.


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