Cleaning The Cleaning Utensils

  • 5 months ago

Clean and proper cleaning utensils are essential for a better experience in cleaning and maintaining your house.

Every house consists of a mop, sponge, cleaning cloths, duster, bucket, vacuum cleaner, a broom as a primary cleaning tool. People use these tools daily. However, the appliances also need cleansing once in a while. 

Buckets are the first thing to start any cleaning. To store clean water or cleaning solutions to wipe tiles, windows, or any other surface bucket are very handy. So, we must use a clean and sanitized bucket. After use, rinse the bucket with hot water. Use disinfectants, disinfect the bucket and let it be ready for another use.

Broom is another essential tool used daily for sweeping dirt or dusting. Dirt gets trapped in the bristle of the broom, so it needs a regular whisk to remove away the dirt. For deep cleaning, dip the broom in the solution of dishwashing soap and water. Rinse the broom with clean water and let it dry.   

Mop heads must be cleaned after every use. Cleaning dry dirt or wet floors, if mop heads are not maintained, leaves the floor dirty. The easy way to clean the mop is to dip the mop head into a bucket containing a solution of hot water and dishwashing soap and disinfectant. Rinse the mop head with clean cold water and let it dry.

Sponges and Brushes are of great use in a kitchen, doing dishes and food preparation. Always rinse them with hot water after use and store them upright to dry them quickly. Often soak them in disinfectants. Disinfecting is healthy for kitchen purposes. 

Removing grease and oils or wiping window, glass or any other surface, Cleaning Cloths; microfibre or cotton comes in very handy. Wash microfibre with warm water only as they are used for dusting or wiping dirt. For cotton, degrease if any. Wash the cloth in a washing machine with laundry detergent.

The vacuum cleaner is the most used device as it is easy to use and also saves time. But cleaning vacuum cleaner regularly is also necessary. Empty the bags or reusable cups after use. Often clean the hose and check the filters for any possible blockages. Remember to clean the beater bar if the vacuum cleaner doesn't have automatic cleaning. The cleaning of the beater bar looks after the efficiency of the machine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



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