Crystal Clear Windows Cleaning | DIY Techniques

  • 8 months ago

Connecting with nature, getting fresh air, or having a cup of coffee with a sunrise, a window is an opening. For sure dirty windows are not the option.

Window cleaning is an important task and should be held twice or thrice a year. Rainy or winter season is obviously not feasible for cleaning and in summer you don’t want the bright summer to reflect your windows imperfection so spring could be the best time for window cleaning. Generally, window cleaning doesn’t require professional unless and until its skyscraper or tall glass buildings. Window cleaning is similar to other surface cleanings. Some tips and tricks, general ideas of window cleaning and you can save time and effort cleaning windows properly.

How to DIY Window Cleaning?

Spring season and a day off is a perfect day to give the window shine. Here are some quick tips to help your window cleaning DIYs.

  • Start with sweeping the dirt off the glass with a brush or a vacuum.
  • Rinse the window screen and wipe off the excess water with a soft microfiber cloth and let dry.
  • Use a good cleaning solution or DIY a cleaning solution mixing water, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. (Don’t hold back to spray the solution.)
  • Use microfiber cloths to dry the window.
  • Wipe down the panels, corners, and edges properly.

Even if you are satisfied to try looking from different angles, you don’t want to leave grime, smudge, and imperfection.

Seems easy, right? Window cleaning can be tricky. But, what are the DONTs for window cleaning DIYs?

  • Don’t use a low-quality cleaning solution or abrasive cleaning detergent.
  • Newspaper or paper towel use should be avoided, as they can shred and leave lint behind.
  • Clean the whole window at once, the solution may dry leaving a stain.
  • Lastly wipe the glass gently, cover all the area properly, and don’t crack the glass with your hand force.

What if you are not a DIY person? Don't hesitate to Call Professionals, you just need to lay back and watch them do their work.

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