DIY for Cleaning Stainless Steel

  • 1 year ago

How many stainless steel appliances you use throughout the day? How many of these appliances are eyecatching because of shine like a diamond?

Refrigerator, oven, or those sharp knives used to cut your veggies or apply butter to your toast. Are you comfortable with the marks and stains in a diamond? Same way, No one is comfortable with stains in something stainless, and there has been a long rumble for stainless appliances cleaning. Fingerprints and stains, oil and grease over the stainless surface could be the suffering for the stainless cleaning but here are some of the guidelines that could be helpful.

Remember the basics, stainless steels easily look streaky and show fingerprints, therefore, move your cloth (microfiber or paper towel) in one direction and go with the grain. There is a variety of stainless steel, and all need a different type of attention. There are some of the major 'don'ts' to take in your mind for stainless cleaning.

  • Don't let the grime set.
  • Don't use abrasive sponges or cleaners.
  • Avoid using anything containing chloride in it.
  • Prohibit harsh tap water.


If you are thinking of getting stainless appliances cleaned by yourself, here are some DIY guidelines;

1. Vinegar is one of the best home solutions, it is an inexpensive solution, doesn't contain any harsh chemical, non-toxic, an effective sanitizer, grease cutter, and non-abrasive. Spray the vinegar to the surface using a clean spray bottle, wipe clean using a cloth (microfiber or paper towel). You can apply a small amount of olive oil to the surface with cloth in the direction of the grain to bring that in-depth luminance.

  • Vinegar may not smell as pleasant as a commercial cleaner.
  • Label the spray bottle used for vinegar, or throw it after use. Vinegar is an acid and you would not like it to mix with some other chemicals.

2. Dish Soap can also be used as a home solution. Similar to vinegar, apply the solution to the surface using a spray bottle, wipe clean using a microfiber cloth in the direction of the grain. You can baby oil to give seep shine to the surface and remove any remaining streak or marks.

3. Another option could be a commercial cleaner. There are lots of its kind available, you can grab them in a store nearby but it gonna cost you some extra cash and some cleaners may cost you your stainless steel shine. So be sure of what you buy.

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