7 High-Pressure Cleaning FAQs! Your Power Washing in Perth Questions Answered by Experts

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Power washing or using high-pressure cleaning your home or business is a crucial step in maintaining the value and appearance of your home and commercial properties. It removes dirt and grime and makes your exterior walkway, deck, or driveway an ideal addition to your shiny clean windows. There are a lot of questions that pop into your head before deciding to hire or use the power washer. Below are some frequently asked questions to satisfy your curiosity and allow you to make the right choice.

1. How do you define pressure cleaning?

Pressure cleaning, also known as power washing, makes use of the pressure of water to clean exterior surfaces. Power washing, also known as pressure washing is an application of high-pressure water spray on surfaces that require cleaning by using the power of water to eliminate dirt and grime, as well as mold, loose paint, and other particles from the surfaces. It is utilized to clean asphalt and concrete surfaces as well as fences and other structures.

2. Why should I select a professional to pressure clean my house?

Employing experts with experience will assure you that the job will be completed correctly. Cleaning firms like Majestic Cleaning Pros have top-quality equipment, and their technicians are up-to-date with the most recent products and techniques.

Do-it-yourself washing equipment could make the pressure excessively over the top of your surface, or hold the nozzle too close. This could cause damage to the paint, chipped screens, and damaged siding. While the majority of power-washing equipment available for rental has similar PSI as commercial grade tools but it only holds a tiny amount of water. This makes this project take the day and not just hours.

3. How often do the majority of surfaces require pressure cleaning?

For the vast majority of surfaces, the power washing every year is sufficient for most surfaces. The frequency of the power washing will depend on the material used to build the surface and the present state of the surface which is why you might have more frequent power washing.

4. How often does the surface need to be power washed?

For the vast majority of surfaces that require power washing, regular cleaning is sufficient for most surfaces. It is contingent on the type of material used to build the surface, as well as the present state of the surface therefore you might need more frequent power washes.

There is a distinction between power washing and pressure. The words “power wash” and “pressure wash” are almost identical. They are interchangeable to refer to the procedure of making use of the high-pressure water used to wash surfaces. We utilize 3000 PSI pressure washers that include cold and hot water units.

5. Does a high-pressure washer cause damage to my house?

Yes, standard high-pressure washing could damage your home. This is why at IPC we make use of the appropriate detergents and the right pressures to guarantee a secure and efficient cleaning of your home.

6. What exactly is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is the result of using the correct detergents, dwell time, and lower pressure rinsing equipment. The detergents we use have proven effective in killing molds as well as mildews and algae, which allows us to remove the “grime” off any surface.

7. Is High Pressure Washing Expensive? How much will it cost you?

Pressure washing is economical in the maintenance of your exterior surfaces, compared to the expense of painting or installing new material. It eliminates the threat of mildew and mold, and maintaining your surfaces clean will extend the life of your surfaces.


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