How do you correctly and efficiently cleanse the inside of a Freezer?

How do you correctly and efficiently cleanse the inside of a Freezer?

Refrigerators and freezers play a vital role when it comes to kitchen prep. Maintaining them clean and hygienic is essential, not only for health reasons but to ensure that they perform properly and last longer.

Cleaning your freezer isn’t only about getting rid of food items and the process of letting them defrost. There are numerous steps involved in getting the job done properly! To ensure its optimal performance throughout the years, follow the best and most efficient methods:

Remove the plug from your freezer

The first thing you should do while cleaning the freezer should be to shut off the freezer. This reduces the chance of electric shocks and other injuries while your freezer is defrosting.

As shutting off your freezer could cause it to freeze, make sure to place it in a place where any water won’t damage the flooring as well as other equipment. If needed, put newspapers or towels under it to help absorb water.

Eliminate all food items

When you have turned off your fridge, you must remove all food items in preparation for the big cleanup. Put all food items in the refrigerator as well as another one to cool them down while you wash.

Place frozen food in plastic storage containers or larger containers with lids. If you store the food items in sealed containers you will avoid early defrosting. Line the containers with plastic bags or towels to facilitate cleaning when food items are returned to the freezer.

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Accelerate the process of defrosting

After these initial steps are completed now, you can allow your freezer to defrost. It could take a long time if you just keep the lid closed. But, if you’d like to speed up the process, here’s the way:

Put a large container of hot water into the freezer, then close the lid. You might need to change the hot water numerous times.

Utilize a hairdryer at a low temperature. Be sure to keep the water far from your dryer since it may cause an electric shock.


After your freezer has been defrosted, take it out to drain. Use a mild cleanser such as baking soda or dish soap and vinegar to scrub it up. Here’s how to take care of it:

Put a tiny amount of your preferred cleaner in a bowl. Add water to it.

Put a cloth into the solution, then wash the entire interior

Take out any baskets or shelves to wash in the sink.

Rinse your freezer to remove any food-safety products

Allow it to air dry

To eliminate the lingering smells to eliminate any unpleasant smells, put a container of baking soda in the container and seal it for some time. You can also store baking soda in the freezer along with your food items as a precautionary option, so long as you change it out every few months.

Clear the drip pan, and make sure the coils are dusty.

When your freezer is dry then clean the drip pan, and make sure the coils are dusty.

Locate the drip pan in the freezer. Wipe up any water then remove it and clean the pan using warm soapy water. Then allow it to air dry. If the drip pan is fixed you can use a damp towel to wipe it clean.

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To keep your freezer operating efficiently, it is essential to clean the coils. It’s easy to do it using a vacuum cleaner or an electric coil brush. Make sure your freezer remains free of plugs!

Clean the outside inside your fridge

The final step is to wash the outside by washing it with detergent and water. Be particular about the areas surrounding the handles. For exteriors made of stainless steel, apply the spray of commercial stainless steel.

Reorganize and replace

After you’ve completed cleaning your freezer and freezer, it’s time to move your frozen food items back into the freezer.

To ensure that your food items are not overlooked, make sure to organize your food items as you place them back in the refrigerator.

Place food items that have a long life in the freezer near the bottom, and food items that are expected to be used shortly close to the top.

You can take your inventory and place them in your top freezer. Track your food items as you remove or add items.


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