How to Clean a Window More Effectively?

  • 1 month ago

Window cleaning is a common job but requires skill and good finishing. You will be able not only to clean windows, but you will also be able to achieve the look you have always desired.

Window cleaning is a common job but requires skill and good finishing. You will be able not only to clean windows, but you will also be able to achieve the look you have always desired.

The Key Points You Need to Remember:

  • If you need to clean the frame, do so first
  • Take a sip of the glass
  • You can pre-detail the seal by running a clean cloth along with it
  • Use the angled end of the squeegee to move the squeegee through the glass.
  • Start at the top, work your way across and then move to the bottom in an "S"-shaped pattern
  • Don't skip any suds
  • To finish, bring the squeegee into contact with the frame.
  • Get rid of any extra water or dirt.


A. Cleaning of the Frame

First, clean the PVC windows with soapy water and an application of the applicator. This will help you get started and remove any dirt.

Take a microfiber towel and wipe the frame clean. Be sure to clean any spots where dust or dirt could have built up. You should see a difference in how the cleaning has been done and what needs to be done on white PVC frames.

Stubborn marks may remain on the plastic after cleaning. You may need to use specialty PVC cleaners on the market to get rid of stubborn stains.

B. Cleaning Glass

The frame should now be clean. You can now clean the frame with more soapy liquid. Wrap a microfiber cloth around your thumb or finger and wrap it around the edges of the window. You will have problems later if water builds up between the glass frame and the window.

You can push your finger into a seal while you wrap it around the edge to remove water. This will prevent any drips from leaking down the newly cleaned windows later. With your squeegee, you can now remove the soapy water. You can choose to start on either the left or right, depending on which is more comfortable.

You have two options: either put the squeegee against the seal on one side or turn the squeegee upside down so that it meets the frame.

Move the squeegee over the entire width of the glass, keeping it in contact with your frame. Finally, seal the top. It is important to align the squeegee with the highest-end further ahead.

It is best to lean it forwards so that the water flows down the squeegee, not up the sides and onto the areas you have already worked.

Use the squeegee to move at an angle. When you reach the other side, slide the longest end of the squeegee along the glass edge against the frame and seal.

Starting at the top, move across and down in an S-shaped pattern. Make sure you don't miss any soap suds. To catch any missed areas, sweep the squeegee again. You will become more proficient at cleaning windows.

Cleaning small windows can be more challenging and your squeegee may not fit properly. This could make it difficult to remove soapy detergent in the same manner as larger windows. The squeegee should be angled so you can get rid of the soapy detergent. If it is not possible to fit, you will need to use a microfiber fabric.

Use a cloth to clean the dirt from your squeegee. This will cause you to drag the dirt onto the glass you are trying to clean.

After you have removed all water, you can place your squeegee on either the bottom of the frame or the side. Next, remove the squeegee from the window.

Make sure you wipe the water off the area where the squeegee was used and any other areas on the frame that have water or dirt. As you become more familiar with the method, your style will change as you discover the best way to clean windows.

The mentioned tips are for regular windows cleaning with conventional method. If you want more aggressive cleaning of windows with advanced techniques, you probably should think about the professional window cleaners


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