What is Bond? How to ensure full refund on your Bond?

The Bond is the security deposit that the property owner asks the tenant to provide at the beginning of the tenancy. It is submitted to the Department of Fair Trading New South Wales and is released by them at the end of the lease term. The Department of Fair Trading states that the tenant must leave the property in the same condition in which he/she first moved in to ensure a full refund on the bond. Typically, the tenant must get a full refund. However, the landlord or the property manager can claim the tenant’s bond if the property has not been cleaned appropriately.

While fair wear and tear are unavoidable with regular use, damage to the property, unpaid rent or unclean surfaces can lead to deductions from the bond. Thus, the end-of-lease cleaning in Sydney becomes one of the most crucial chores when the tenancy nears its end. So, if you are expecting to get a full refund on your bond, seeking help from a professional end-of-lease cleaning company is very important. Let’s discuss the things to keep in mind to get a full refund on your bond in detail.


  1. Focus on the inspection.


  • Be Diligent Filling Out Your Initial Condition Report.


While the focus of getting a bond refund is placed on your final inspection, just as much emphasis should be placed on your initial condition report. When you first move in, you should take advantage of the opportunity to note any specific damage to the property. Even if it seems minor, small problems can compound over time, so be diligent by taking extra photos and notes that you can use as evidence if necessary.


  • Address Any Repairs Before Your Final Inspection


Whether it’s mold growing in the bathroom, a leaky faucet causing water damage, repainted walls, repaired clogged pipelines, or any other types of repairs, always tell the landlord or real estate agent immediately. As a renter, you’ll be tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the property over the course of your tenancy.

Being extra communicative about property damage will help build a good rapport with your real estate agent and landlord. Unresolved issues will at least be on their radar and won’t come as a surprise during the final inspection.


  1. Hiring Bond Cleaning Professionals.

Since bond cleaning plays a very important role in the retrieval of Bond, hiring a good cleaning company is very important. You might find yourself completely depleted after moving out. If the thought of getting your elbows dirty and scrubbing kitchen floors is too overwhelming, it might be time to call in the bond cleaning professionals. Hiring a good bond cleaning professional has several benefits. Bond cleaning professionals are aware of the expectations of the property managers and landlords and are able to fulfill them adequately with their advanced tools and proven methods.


  1. Do your research.

The rules and regulations regarding bond refunds differ from state to state, so making assumptions about what to expect can come back to bite you. You should do your research on “fair wear and tear”, the issues a landlord or agent can claim against, as well as the bond refund process. Often tenants overlook the small spaces like the doorknobs, light switches, baseboards, window blinds, ceiling fans, etc. These dirty spots cost them a significant part of their bond.

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