How to Get a best result in Carpet Cleaning? DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • 10 months ago

On a daily dose, how many times do you & your family members walk off the carpet? Have you ever wondered how much burden does your carpet take a day?

Have you ever thought before walking over the carpet with dust and dirt in your shoes? Now is the time you give your carpet a lavish treatment.Not happy with your sad-looking carpet? Don't want to get professionals involved? Want to clean your carpet all by yourself? But confused about where to start? Got yourself some time?  Here we have little tricks to achieve the best results in carpet cleaning DIYs.

You can take it as a universal truth, carpet attracts dust and dirt, and spill wine but do not stress out, because with this quick tip you can clean your carpet like you just got a new one. 

  • Get a cleaner solution, there are lots of available in the market or you can DIY one for yourself,
  1. Vinegar + salt + essence oil + water
  2. Vinegar + baking soda + dishwashing liquid + water
  3. Hydrogen peroxide + essential oil + water
  • Get the ingredients, fill a spray bottle with the cleaning solution. (Easy to apply over the surface using a spray bottle)
  • Before the application of the cleaning solution, vacuum the carpet or wipe down the dust and dirt off the carpet using a clean sponge.
  • Apply the solution to the required area, let it sit for seconds.
  • Scrub the part very gently using a sponge and dry it off by small tabs of towels.

Next time you get some time, know these quick tips. And stay tuned for more DIYs. 

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