How to get your full bond back?

Bond Back

It is stressful to move home. However, losing your bond refund can make it even more difficult. You’ll only have a few weeks left to prepare for the final inspection. This is when they will decide if your bond refund will be given back. How do you get your bond back? How long does it take for your bond to be returned?

These are just a few tips that you can use to make sure your real estate is fully satisfied and your bond gets refunded promptly. We have compiled various top tips to get their bonds refunded.

1. Any repairs before your final inspection

You should inform the landlord immediately if you find mold in your bathroom, water damage from a leaky faucet, or any other problem. You should report it as soon as possible. You will be responsible for maintaining the property during your tenancy as a renter.

Your landlord and real estate agent will appreciate your being more open about any property damage. They will be able to see that any unresolved problems are being addressed and they won’t surprise you during the final inspection.

2. Be Diligent in Filling out Your Initial Condition Report

Your final inspection is where the emphasis should be, but your initial condition report should also be important. You should note any damage to the property when you move in. Even though it may seem minor, even small problems can become more serious over time. Take additional photos and make notes to help you prove your point.

3. Room by Room

You might not know where you should start depending on how big your property is. It is best to approach the problem by making it difficult, one room at a time. This usually means that you start with the kitchen and the bathroom before moving on to the rest of your house.

You can use the end-of-lease cleaning checklist to help you prioritize what you need to do. As you complete tasks, it will also allow you to check off your progress.

4. Do Your Research

Some various rules and regulations make bond refunds. So you should first do your research to get your bond returned. You should know about what can be done as the landlord can claim against you if there is wear and tear. So in such a case, such might backfire on you. So you should be well known about this situation.

5. Fix issues

You should fix issues before you get the bond back. You should settle all the issues with the landlord as you apply for your bond back. You should check every possible area to see if there are any issues so that you can settle down your issue and then apply for the bond back. Similarly, you could repair the issues and solve the problem if there is any presence there.

6. Bond Cleaning Services

You might feel completely exhausted after moving out. It might be time for professionals if the thought of cleaning up kitchen floors and getting dirty is overwhelming.

Your initial condition report, which you should have filled out before you moved in, will give you a good idea about how to return your property to its original state. Most Australian states recognize that property must be lived in and will have clauses to allow for fair wear and tear.

This is important, an end-of-lease cleaning in Perth service. You’d be amazed at how many tenants neglect bond cleaning. A two-bedroom apartment with two professionals can take between 3 and 5 hours to clean. To ensure you have enough time to clean your apartment, you should budget for at least a few extra days.


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