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The task of cleaning your home doesn’t need to be a stressful task that takes a lot of time. The most effective way to handle household chores quickly and efficiently can be the ability to design an easy-to-follow plan which includes all of the important chores. Follow these steps to maximize your time, and also clean your home.

  1. Clean up the mess

Before you start cleaning, you should go through the rooms and clean up all the junk. When you’ve gathered everything – magazines and good-read paperbacks, shoes – you should consider whether it is best to throw it away, dispose of it in the trash, or donate it.

  1. Put all the cleaning tools you need

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bucket, or a bag, having all the items you require to wash in one convenient space makes it easier to complete the task. It will be less time-consuming to search for tools as you clean and you don’t need to think about putting them away before the next time you clean.

  1. Get the whole house cleaned in one go, not one room at a time.

Cleaning can be more effective If you focus on one thing and complete the same thing in each space in your home instead of cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, and finally the bedrooms. By doing this, you can stop the feeling of being immersed in a never-ending cycle of cleaning that you have to do the same thing every day.

  1. Dust and vacuum

Before you begin dusting ensure that ceiling fans are shut off. Concentrate your efforts on the furniture’s tops and the shelves’ undersides as well as on picture frames, TV screens, and knickknacks. For difficult-to-access areas, like shelves or blinds put a piece of microfiber to the bottom of a broom or mop. Switch the sheets in the bedrooms prior to vacuuming.

  1. Cleanse mirrors and glass

Make use of a damp microfiber cloth and then one dry cloth to clean all glass surfaces and mirrors.

  1. Clean countertops and other surfaces

You should clean all hard surfaces in your home, including countertops, cabinets, and appliances, as well as doorknobs and light switches, television remotes, and telephones. Some surfaces can transmit germs to fingers and faces so disinfect them. Mix one-fourth to a half cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar with a cup of water to make a non-toxic disinfection solution.

  1. Concentrate on toilets, sinks, and tubs

Spray cleaner on the sink in the kitchen then sprays it on the tubs, toilets, and bathrooms. Allow it to sit for a while so that the cleaner can dissolve any dirt or stains. Next, return to the kitchen and begin scrubbing. Make sure to clean the microwave’s interior. Make sure to clean the toilets afterward. You want to ensure your garbage disposal is clean while you are in the kitchen.

  1. Mop first, then sweep

Make sure to sweep the bathroom and kitchen floors. Begin by mopping the corner closest to the doorway. Every four-by-four-foot area, rinse the mop.

  1. Vacuuming is a continuous process.

You don’t have to vacuum every corner. You can just keep moving and vacuuming in the house. You don’t have to do all the tasks every week. These tasks include cleaning windows and waxing furniture. You can inspect these accessories and make your judgment.

  1. Make sure to wash your tools regularly

Cleaning the house with your tools is an important part. You’ll spend more time cleaning if you use a mop with a dirty bag or a vacuum that has a full bag.

  1. Cleaning can be done as a group activity

Cleaning a house quickly can be made a team effort by making it a team effort. Set aside time with your family and assign tasks to each member. Cleaning together can be fun and will make your home sparkle in no time. While you are cleaning, make sure to inspect your home for any potential water damage.

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