Tricks for Cleaning after Halloween

after halloween cleaning

Confused with the scary costumes? But the scariest thing could be at the end of the day; the cleanup, dealing with the Halloween hazardous. The hazards of

  • Toilet paper
  • Glitters, feathers and confetti
  • Makeup, paints, hair-spray and fake blood
  • Smashed eggs and melted chocolates
  • Rotten pumpkins
  • Wax drippings


These guides can help you get rid of the fear of Halloween hazards.

  1. Toilet papers are easy to clear, but when wet can be difficult to remove. Clear up the paper and add it to your thrash before the dew is evaporated or the rain.
  2. Glitters, feathers or confetti, are easier to vacuum directly from the floors and furniture. But, remember to switch the hose attachment. They could be more effective.
  3. For any surface other than washable materials, use rubbing alcohol. Washable items require extra attention. Start by flushing the stain with cold water. Use rubbing alcohol, directly rub the stain while holding it under running water. Repeat the process till the stain disappears.
  4. Eggs are not healthy for your exterior paints. Hose down the wall where egg hits and scrub the part with the mixture of warm water and dish soap. However, melted chocolate can ruin your interiors; carpet, rug or any upholstery materials. Let the mess dry up and clear the possible part. Then rub it with a mix of dish wash and cold water. Use a microfiber cloth to dab the stain until it disappears and let it dry.
  5. If you have set up a jack-o’-lantern outdoor, your wooden stool is going to get hard stains. Rub the stains using microfiber cloths dampened with a mixture of warm water and toothpaste.
  6. Lighting candle, dripping wax can spoil woods and even tablecloths. For drips in the wood, warm it with a hairdryer and wipe away with a cloth. If any remaining, clear off with a mixture of vinegar and water. On the other hand, scrape the wax, for remainings place a towel on stain and iron over it with low heat.


This Halloween, do not bother thinking about the stain that scares you, rather plan for best disguise, everyone will keep their eye on. Enjoy your ‘Trick or Treat’, Happy Halloween.

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