Regular House Cleaning Services

Feel the Majestic of your house with our regular house cleaning services in Perth. We offer weekly/fortnightly domestic cleaning in Perth.

Regular House Cleaning Service Overview

  • Schedule Domestic cleaning as per your preferred date and time.
  • Hourly cleaning, and you decide how long do you want us to spend at your property.
  • Customise your regular house cleaning as per your need and budget.
  • Trained, certified, professional, and same cleaners at every clean.
  • All cleaners are Covid Vaccinated and hold police clearance certificates.
  • Pet urine stain and odour removal
  • We do not miss cleaning.

Our professional cleaners provide the best Regular domestic cleaning and residential cleaning services in Perth. All our regular cleaning services come with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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    What does a regular house clean include?

    All our vacate cleaning, end of lease cleaning and bond cleaning services adhere to a comprehensive checklist as listed below.

    • Either choose from our comprehensive list below or customise as per your cleaning needs, we are always the best.
    • Kitchen – All cupboards cleaned from outside; degreased and cleaned stove top, degrease and clean rangehood and rangehood filters, floors and surfaces swept, mopped, and sanitized; all ledges, frames, skirting cleaned, and cobwebs removed.
    • Bathrooms – Clean and disinfect all floors and surfaces; wipe down and polish all mirrors, steel fixtures, skirting and frames, clean cupboards outside.
    • Change Bin liners and Rubbish chucked in the council bin.
    • Bedrooms – Vacuum/mop all floors; dust and clean all sills, ledges, skirting, and frames; remove cobwebs; clean mirrors.
    • Living Areas – Vacuum/mop all floors; clean mirrors; dust or wipe down all frames, skirting, and fixtures; clean and sanitise all other surfaces; remove cobwebs; wipe cupboards from outside.
    • Hallways and Entrances – Vacuum/mop all floors; clean inside windows; dusting wipe skirtings; remove cobwebs; clean mirrors; wipe cupboards from outside.
    • Laundry: Vacuum/mop all floors; clean mirrors; skirting, and fixtures; remove cobwebs; remove litter; wipe cupboards from outside.

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    Questions & Answers

    Do you provide 100% bond back Guarantee?

    Getting a bond back does not depend on cleaning alone. There are various other factors such as maintenance issues, gardening, and damages that your agency or landlord will take into account while returning your bond.
    Hence, unlike other cleaning companies, what we promise is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the highest standard, and great customer service. If there are any cleaning issues that your real estate points out during inspection, we go back to clean free of charge. This is prioritized and rectified urgently and within the timeframe provided by our Real Estate. For your relief, we also organise key pick up and drop off to your Real Estate.

    Do you do pre-sale cleaning?

    For presale cleaning we recommend you book our vacate cleaning premium package. This package is specially designed to ensure to maximise the value of your house. We clean your house in such a way that each and every corner will look like completely new. Premium packages can only be booked through phone call and our friendly client support manager will need to inspect your house to suggest cleaning requirements.

    I am the owner of the house and the tenant has left the house at worst condition, will you still come to clean?

    Cleaning is our job, we have cleaned the worst houses, however this needs to be notified earlier so our cleaners can be prepared with advance equipment and stronger chemicals.

    Some of the items does not require cleaning, can I exclude them to save cost?

    Yes, we have different Vacate cleaning packages to suit your need. Our standard end of lease cleaning package is completely customisable; meaning you can add or exclude cleaning tasks based on your requirements. Please discuss our customer support team who will be able to help you out and tell you how much would you be saving.

    Can I book this on the hourly basis?

    Yes, you can book us hourly. Some of our services are limited to only flat rate charge such as Oven cleaning, Windows cleaning, and Carpet cleaning and other specialist cleaning.

    My house is a town house, can you do 2nd floor windows?

    Yes, we are specialists in window cleaning, with our high-end equipment, we can clean up to 4 storey windows.

    I do not know what my Real Estate is expecting for cleaning, what should I do?

    Normally Real Estate will send you a notice of vacate the property prior 28 days. In this correspondence, they will attach the cleaning checklist which you need to comply with when vacating. If you have not received one, you can always request your Real Estate for the cleaning checklist. Or alternatively, call us, our friendly customer service team will help you with this.

    I do not have time to be in the property, How Can I hand over keys?

    In this case, you can leave the key somewhere safe such as underneath flowerpot, below door mat or inside electricity meter box. If you don’t find the safe place, then we can pick up and drop off keys for a small charge.

    I do not have power/Electricity, Can you still clean?

    Yes, however, this must be advised earlier during the booking process. We have battery powered cleaning equipment and also a portable water tank in Van. Only Subject to availability.

    We do not have parking; would you still be able to clean?

    Yes, but this will incur an extra charge.

    Is vacate cleaning same as end of cleaning or bond cleaning?

    Yes, all the cleaning services that are offered in vacate cleaning, end of lease cleaning and bond cleaning are pretty much same. End of lease cleaning or bond cleaning is normally for the rented house. Vacate cleaning is a more general term. Either you are a tenant looking to move out or an owner to sale house, you can book our vacate cleaning service which can be customised based on your cleaning requirements.

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