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Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

As professional window cleaners in Perth, our experts will get you crystal clear windows to connect you with the outside world from the comfort of inside. We are your complete professional window cleaning solution in Perth.

Window Cleaning Service Overview

  • High-end professional equipment.
  • High-quality detergent/cleaning solutions and refined water window cleaning.
  • Professionals trained to do a safe job with low risk of damage.
  • Multi-storey window cleaning
  • Window frame cleaning
  • Window tracks cleaning
  • Fly screen cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning

What we do as Professional Window Cleaners in Perth?

  • Exterior window cleaning: We use one of the latest and most advanced pure water systems to clean exterior windows. If there are fly screens, we remove them very carefully then the windows underneath are cleaned using 100% pure water.
  • Multi-storey window cleaning: Our window cleaning equipment is so advanced that we don’t even need a ladder to clean multi-storey windows, mitigating the risks of fall hazards! We use the same pure water systems to clean the ground floor and multi-storey windows. We can clean up to 4 stories using this method.
  • Interior window cleaning: We clean window tracks before we start cleaning windows. We then wipe-off window frames reaching every corner. Detergent is then applied to the window panels with a soft applicator which is then wiped off to get streak-free, shiny windows.

Our professional window cleaners provide the best cleaning services in Perth. All of our window cleaning services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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    Questions & Answers

    I only need one side of the windows cleaned, would you still be able to come?

    Yes, we have a variety of options for window cleaning. You can choose one side or both sides. You can also select only particular windows of your house if you would like to save costs. Please call our customer service to discuss this more.

    My windows are very big and at a tall height, would you able to clean them still?

    Yes, our high-end equipment can clean up to 4 storey windows without needing any ladders!

    My windows have lots of paint and stickers on them, would you still be able to clean them?

    Yes, however, this will incur an extra charge and must be advised earlier during booking to include them.

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